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JT TRAINING: VOted #1 Fitness Facility in Siouxland last 6 years and now this year also voted #1 Weight Loss Center in Siouxland

Our goal is to make you 1% Better Daily (1 Rep or 1 Step)! We Offer the Following Programs:

  • Private Training (1-on-1)
  • Semi-Private Training (5-on-1)
  • SHAPE Training (Group Training)
  • Online Training (Train From Anywhere)
  • Sports Performance Training

Conveniently located at:
2122 East 4th St, Sioux City, IA 51101

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At JT TRAINING we help busy people of all ages, athletic or current fitness level obtain twice the results in half the time using our results driven 30 min personal training sessions

Exactly what you have been waiting for! A FUN Fitness/Athletic Program that gets RESULTS by Blasting Fat & Unwanted Weight while getting you Lean, Toned & Strong in 3 Easy Steps!

You will be working one-on-one with a JT TRAINING Coach to develop your Success Plan of Action and Goals. Our committed coaches love training and motivating you every Rep & Step to make you better daily! JT TRAINING is always All-Inclusive with no extra costs for all the extras:

  • Complete Total Body Assessments
  • Teach/Educate you how to Fuel Your Body (Simple & Proper Nutrition)
  • Provide Complete Meal Plan (Grocery Lists, Recipes, Snacks, Meal, Etc...)
  • Private 1-on-1 Goal Setting Consultations
  • Technology to Track & Graph your Progess
  • Personal Trainers Demonstrate/Teach Proper Form & Technique During all Training Sessions
  • Unlimited Motivation & Accountability in All Programs

STEP 2: 30 Min Afterburn Workouts
Our FUN 30 minute Training Workouts are new daily and are professionally designed to achieve your goals and have a different focus every day of the week. The exercises incorporate tons of various equipment in our 6000+ square foot padded flooring and turf facility to make it easy on your joints. Every exercise is tailored to your individual fitness level and goals and our coaches are with you every step and rep. The workouts will improve your stamina, coordination, balance, strength, power, vertical jump, speed and agility while simultaneously burning fat, sculpting and toning lean muscles and skyrocketing your metabolism for up 36 hours following your training session.

Everyone Can Improve by Getting Into SHAPE!
We have nearly 30 SHAPE Training sessions every week to accomodate your busy schedule. Our coaches can and do modify on the spot for all ages, fitness levels, injuries and abilities. We recommend 3 training sessions minimum per week but you can train up to 6 days per week in the program if desiring to do so...RESULTS!

Fad diets come and go and are NOT sustainable.  At JT TRAINING our coaches will teach and educate you how to fuel your body towards your goals. We will follow the JT TRAINING KISS (Keep It Simple Smarty) Nutritional Program designed by your coaches to keep you on track. A complete nutritional program will be designed for you following initial assessments including:

  • Grocery Lists
  • Meals
  • Recipes
  • Snack List
  • Substitutions
  • Etc...

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

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Get into SHAPE with our 8 Week Challenge

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