Kitty Jennings: My 8 Week SHAPE TRAINING RESULTS

Check out my 8 week results:

  • 10.4% Body Fat Decrease
  • 17.34 lbs Fat Burnt Off
  • 14.25 Inches Smaller Throughout My Body
  • 60,690 Calories of Fat Burnt Off
  • 1.5 BMI Point Decrease
  • 9.34 lbs Muscle Added
  • 8 lbs Scale Weight Lost
  • So Much Healthier, Stronger & Confident

​"​I never (if I’m being honest) thought I could lose that much weight/tone up/see results that fast. Especially with just 30 minute training sessions. My expectations were proven wrong almost immediately thanks to JT Training! I could go on and on. It’s the BEST GYM I’ve ever belonged to! Join a CHALLENGE and see your great RESULTS!"

- Kitty Jennings

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