Michelle ketelesen: My 8 Week SHAPE TRAINING RESULTS

Check out my 8 week results:

  • 17.2 lbs Scale Weight Lost
  • 4.24% Body Fat Decrease
  • Muscle Added/Stronger
  • 16.12 lbs Fat Burnt Off
  • 56,420 Calories of Fat Burnt Off
  • 2.9 BMI Point Decrease
  • 20 Inches Total Removed From my Body

I love that JT Training provides a fun, judgment free community where you can work on your fitness goals, meet new people and get awesome results to grow as a person! You can always find someone who is up to join a daily challenge with you.The trainers are great about pushing you to try harder, correcting your form, and helping you achieve the ultimate goals you are after.Jay provides valuable health and fitness information via email, text, and social media regularly. The information when incorporated into your life could be the change you need to achieve the goal that you’ve set for yourself. I know reading The Year of Yes, by Shonda Rhimes, at Jay’s suggestion is a big part of my current journey. The regular challenges such as the MegaPot challenge, provide us reason to turn up the intensity and create some good-natured rivalries, which also push us to work harder and meet and exceed our goals!I’m so grateful to Jay, Marci and Bryan for being so supportive, and providing us with such an awesome environment to get and stay in SHAPE!!

- Michelle Ketelsen

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