Check out my 8 week results:

  • 42 lbs Scale Weight Lost
  • 7.7% Body Fat Decrease
  • Strength/Power Added
  • 31.1 lbs Fat Burnt Off
  • 108,850 Calories of Fat Burnt Off
  • 5.7 BMI Point Decrease
  • 33 Total Inches Down Throughout the Body

"​​JT Training is a great place to get in SHAPE! They have awesome trainer's who will help motivate you and make it fun to be there. The program assists with all aspects of reaching your goals. They even help you learn what to eat and what not to eat to be successful ('fueling your body to your goals'). Don't know what you're doing in the the gym? That's ok too. They plan your workout everyday and all you have to do is show up and the trainer takes care of everything! The trainers not only motivate you the also teach you perfect form and proper technique. It's perfect for people of all fitness levels, if you aren't able to perform an exercise or if its to easy they will modify it for your fitness level, special condition or injury. Since joining JT Training I feel so much better! I'm not going to lie the first few weeks were tough but I kept going and it got a little easier each day. I have more work to do to get to where I want to be but with the help of Jay and Bryan I believe I'll get there. I recently did an 8 week challenge where I lost an amazing 42 pounds!"

- Ed Stitt

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