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8 Week ($10,000) Megapot Fitness Challenge
$287.83 for 56 days
($269.00 base + $18.83 tax)
Terminates after: 56 days
I am ready to improve my life and get into SHAPE at JT TRAINING!
I understand that I am registering for the 8 Week Challenge beginning on Jan 24, 2022 at JT TRAINING and running for 8 consecutive weeks. This challenge ends on March 20, 2022.
I will get unlimited access to the SHAPE Training Schedule along with all other success tools as described for only $269 + tax.
I understand that if selected as the JT TRAINING male or female winner that I will receive an additional 28 days of SHAPE for FREE ($299 value) and then be entered to compete against the other 15 gyms, upon which I have the opportunity to win the $10,000 ($5000 for male winner or $5000 for female winner) if the panel selects me as the best transformation in this 8 week challenge.
Additionally I understand and am committing to and will show up to my scheduled time slot for my pre and post assessments to verify my results!
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