Matt ROGERS: My 8 Week SHAPE TRAINING RESULTS ($4000 cash WON for his awesome JT TRAINING results)

Since joining JT TRAINING, I have gained my life back!

My energy is through the roof as they continue to push me out of my comfort zone and I have lost the weight in 8 weeks that I have wanted to lose for years.

Check out my 8 week results:

  • 20.8 lbs lighter
  • BodyFat down 8.63%
  • 21.73 lbs of fat burnt off
  • That's 76,055 calories of fat gone
  • BMI down 3 whole points
  • Muscle Added
  • 17 3/8 inches lost throughout the body
  • Clothes fit and feel so much better!

"Since joining JT TRAINING, I have gained a ton of energy back! I did not realize how sluggish I was until I finally took the leap and and joined the 8 Week Challenge and got back into SHAPE! My back and shoulder pain has gone away since beginning the program. This gives me more motivation to do activities with my family and my kids. The comradery betwen the JT TRAINING family and trainers is great! The trainers push and hold everyone accountable with every move we make. Being at JT TRAINING motivates me to keep pushing and gets me out of my comfort zone with new fun challenges daily that anyone can do. This has helped me lose the weight that I have been wanting gone for years. My clothes fit and feel so much better than before. I am so happy I decided to join and you should to!"

- Matt Rogers

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